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This is a development site for an free, intelligent, Google Calendar add-on. Here you can download all of my Java source code, from my earliest example programs to the latest prototype. I program in BlueJ (Though I'll end up using NetBeans).

The Google Calendar Group is the best place to discuss Google Calendar API coding issues but my simple forum is available for questions about this project and any of the code that I've used.

Development News

03/05/07: Final prototype available for download.

05/11/06: Forum added. Project documents section added.

03/11/06: We're live and very much developmental! Watch this space.


Download NewCalendar Version 1 for Windows

There are bugs in the downloads because they are the very early stages of development,  though you should be able to get a general idea of how it works.

To report a bug or discuss this code please email me or use my forum.

Blue downloads are the prototypes of my intelligent calendar add-on.
The red download is the latest version.
If you use this code please tell me and please credit me in your code.

24/10/06 Priority based scheduling implemented. Several bug fixes
17/10/06 First available slot algorithm  implemented
12/10/06 Added text-based user interaction
11/10/06 Basic compilation of example code

Yellow downloads are the documents related to this project that I have submitted to my university.


Project proposal. This document was awarded 65%.

Green downloads are basic implementations of the examples found in the Google Calendar API documentation.
Most of this code is generic and provided by Google.

Download 1 Calendar feed retrieval
Download 2 Adding an event
Download 3 Querying by date
Download 4 Querying by string
Download 5 Deleting an event
Download 6 Retrieving and updating an event

About Me

Who Am I?: My name is Jake Newman and I am a 3rd Year Computer Scientist at the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom.

  Why Am I Doing This?: I am developing this software for my 3rd Year project under the supervision of Dr. Richard Harvey.

Development News - DownloadsAbout Me - Email Me - Forum

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